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Stephen Robinson, PhD

Dr. Stephen Robinson is a former Yale researcher, hands-on developer, and founder of East Rock Software a leading contract software developer in New England.

His specialties include wireless networking, and machine learning. His experience ranges from inventing and patenting a novel security and authentication system for the wireless industry, leading the development of mission-critical business applications for NetJets Inc., to being awarded featured project of the month by Google. He received his B.Sc. (Hons.) in EE and CS at Durham University.

Stephen continued his research in machine learning and was awarded his Ph.D. for the design and development of a neural network controlled autonomous robot. Subsequently he was invited to Yale University as a postdoctoral research fellow and went on to win the university-wide Yale Entrepreneurial Competition.

Pranjal Singh

Pranjal studies computer science at Harvard college, where his interests include Artificial intelligence and Human-Computer interaction. He is an engineer and developer originally from San Antonio, Texas.

Taking a sabbatical from Harvard, Pranjal spent his last year writing code for several different startups working in the fitness, music, and healthcare spaces as well as doing business development for an LA based VC fund. Because of his combined experience in product, business research, and software development, he brings a deeply product and customer satisfaction focused perspective in developing tech projects.