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Abacus Grid reports require intensive calculations which are not feasible to be viewed live.

Helium is a communications network. The network is comprised of thousands of small wireless hotspots which together create a way for devices to communicate with each other.

Hotspots are typically owned by individuals and small businesses called hosts. The hotspot hosts are compensated for having the hotspot in their locations through the distribution of Helium tokens.

A Helium token, also known as HNT, is a cryptocurrency distributed by the Helium blockchain to compensate hosts for operating the Helium network hotspots. They are traded on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Helium tokens are automatically distributed by the Helium blockchain on an ongoing basis. Visit Helium.com for additional information and resources.

Site reports are processed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the computing power required is not trivial. In addition third party API calls and performance site hosting expenses add up fast. We are also keen to make a profit so we can create jobs, bring awareness to The People’s Network and be able to afford coffee and pizza.

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